GEAU Enterprise has strived to align itself with manufacturing companies that produce top rated Mechanical Seals in the Industry today. We have developed and continue to maintain strong relationships with these companies. We can provide an extensive selection of mechanical seals for any application covering vertical, horizontal, submersible pumps and any mixer application. See our downloads for literature on your specific need or call us today for an application assessment. 

  • Single and Multi Spring Seals for all types of equipment. We offer replacement seals for many competitive seal brands on the market today. Our seals meet or exceed the OEM specifications.
  • Large Inventory of Single and Double ANSI Cartridge Seals. Fully machined (No Casing), monolific seal face design. Considered one of the Best Cartridge Seals on the market today.
  • Apex offers API, Mixer & Agitator Seals for Engineered Applications.
  • Apex also has the largest inventory selection of Metric and hard to find seals in the USA.
  • Welded Bellows Seals – we offer a Low Temperature bellows version of our ANSI Cartridge design. High Temperature designs are also available. Apex stocks replacement bellows units for most OEM seals.
  • GEAU and Apex have always, and will continue to offer the highest quality of mechanical seals at “hard to beat” pricing in the industry. 



  • Fluidol offers engineered solutions for the toughest fluid handling applications in the World.
  • Specializing in Rotary Seals for Industrial, Military, and Aerospace Industries.
  • The “ dry running “ capability of the Fluidol design allows for sealing of previously impossible applications.
  • No faces to stick, wear, or crack. No moving o-rings and no springs to clog.
  • Silicon Carbide sleeve for optimum heat distribution.
  • Custom glands built for any application.
  • Not affected by axial end play or intermittent operation and torque.
  • Hydrodynamic and/or Bi-directional annular units available for pump reversing.
  • Applications Include: Centrifugal & Positive Displacement Pumps, Mixers, Conveyers, Rotary Valves and more. 
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